Saltwater aquariums can provide unique, colorful living pieces of art as a centerpiece for your home, office, or lobby. Whether you choose a fish-only system, a living reef aquarium or a combination of the two, saltwater aquariums bring a design element that is both tranquil and stimulating to your environment. Our professional staff will work with you to design an aquarium that complements your décor, or creates a specific landscaping design.

High Tide provides turnkey services for our saltwater aquarium installations. Beginning with a consultation to design the aquarium, we will work with your architects and designers to specify the requirements for your saltwater aquarium, including plumbing, electrical, water feeds and cabinetry. Our staff will manage and oversee the entire construction process, making sure we meet all your needs and concerns.   After installation, we will provide maintenance to your saltwater aquarium to assure the success of this living artwork.

High Tide's maintenance staff is available to answer your questions and concerns regarding your aquarium. In addition, we are available 24 hours a day to handle emergencies.   Our services include:

  • Fish and coral health assessment
  • Water testing
  • Water change (20-75%), depending on aquarium and water condition
  • Removal of all algae inside aquarium
  • Ensuring pumps, filters, feeders, & lighting are working at maximum capacity
  • Delivery & acclimation of livestock
  • Two-week health guarantee on all livestock
  • 24 Hour Emergency service

Email today for a consultation about developing a custom maintenance program for your saltwater aquarium.